Periodontal Maintenance

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Supporting Optimal Oral Health in Wichita

As a periodontist serving the Wichita community, Dr. Lana K. Anderson understands the importance of periodontal maintenance, also known as Supportive Periodontal Therapy. This ongoing process is designed to manage and control periodontal disease, a condition characterized by the colonization of bacteria in the mouth. 

Understanding Periodontal Disease 

Periodontal disease is primarily caused by bacterial plaque, a sticky film that continuously forms on our teeth. When left unremoved, plaque hardens and turns into calculus, also known as tartar. The bacteria within plaque and calculus release toxins that attack both the teeth and gums, leading to periodontal problems and dental decay. It is important to note that everyone harbors bacteria in their mouths; therefore, proper oral hygiene practices are essential for plaque removal.

Role of Plaque and Calculus 

Plaque and calculus accumulation can vary from person to person. Some individuals develop these deposits faster, while others may be more susceptible to the bacteria within them. While diligent home care is crucial, complete removal of plaque and calculus can only be achieved by a dental professional

Dr. Anderson evaluates each patient to determine the optimal maintenance schedule based on factors such as the severity and advancement of their periodontal disease, the amount of plaque and calculus buildup, and their ability to maintain oral hygiene.

Periodontal Maintenance Schedule 

For patients actively treated for periodontal disease, Dr. Anderson typically recommends a three-month maintenance schedule, alternating with visits to the general dentist. This arrangement allows for continuous monitoring of periodontal disease progression by Dr. Anderson. 

At the same time, the general dentist focuses on restorative needs. However, closer maintenance appointments may be necessary in more severe cases, while others may require a longer interval between visits. Dr. Anderson and your general dentist will collaborate to establish the most effective schedule tailored to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Periodontal Maintenance

How does periodontal maintenance differ from regular dental cleaning? 

Periodontal maintenance involves a more comprehensive and in-depth cleaning procedure. It targets the teeth and the area below the gum line, where plaque and calculus buildup can cause significant periodontal problems. Regular dental cleaning, known as dental prophylaxis, is suitable for patients with pocket measurements of three millimeters or less.

Why is periodontal maintenance necessary? 

Periodontal maintenance is vital in managing and controlling periodontal disease. It helps prevent further progression of gingivitis and periodontitis by removing plaque and calculus, reducing bacterial colonization, and minimizing inflammation and irritation. Regular maintenance appointments play a critical role in maintaining optimal oral health.

Can I maintain periodontal health solely through home care? 

While diligent home care is essential, professional intervention is necessary to achieve thorough plaque and calculus removal. Dental hygienists and dentists have the tools and expertise to access areas in your mouth that are difficult to reach, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning that supports oral health.

What can I expect during a periodontal maintenance appointment? 

During a periodontal maintenance appointment, your dental hygienist or periodontist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums. Using specialized instruments, they will remove plaque and calculus from above and below the gum line. Additionally, they may take measurements of your periodontal pockets to assess the health of your gums. The appointment may also include dental X-rays to evaluate the bone level around your teeth. Your oral health will be carefully monitored, and any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan will be discussed.

Does dental insurance cover periodontal maintenance? 

Periodontal maintenance is generally covered by dental insurance, especially if you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease and have undergone active treatment. However, the extent of coverage may vary depending on your specific insurance plan. It is recommended to contact your insurance provider to verify your coverage details and any limitations or requirements regarding periodontal maintenance. Our office can also assist you in understanding and maximizing your insurance benefits.

Visit Your Periodontist in Wichita | Lana K. Anderson, DDS

Periodontal maintenance, administered by a skilled periodontist like Dr. Lana K. Anderson in Wichita, is fundamental to managing and controlling periodontal disease. Patients can significantly improve their oral health and overall well-being by understanding the role of plaque and calculus in disease progression and adhering to a personalized maintenance schedule. Complemented by diligent home care, regular maintenance appointments are the key to a healthy and radiant smile. Schedule your periodontal maintenance visit today to embark on a journey toward optimal oral health in Wichita, Kansas.